Traffic Sharing Concept Launched

DK Outdoor Adventures, the first company to successfully combine network advertising with a group of commissioned hunting and fishing consultants, is please to announce a new video service,

DK Outdoor TV will allow talented video producers to share the 3.5 million+ annual viewers currently visiting the DK Outdoor Adventures network of over 100 hunting and fishing sites.

For a modest fee, an outdoor video producer can create a series of hunting or fishing videos, and sell advertising for their own video. Without a 30 second time constraint, video infomercials now make sense as commercials.

This opens up an entire category of advertisers who have never been able to afford cable or satellite advertising rates before. And those advertisers who had a product or marketing message that was difficult to squeeze into a 30 second spot, as required by cable and satellite networks, will find that commercials of up to 10 minutes and even longer can now be handled with ease.

Video production rates for infomercials are much more lucrative than are 30 second commercial production costs. As a result, the video producer finds new opportunities to monetize their video production talents.

Embedded 30 second commercials are still allowed in full 28:30 programming. But the ability to run commercials of even greater length add considerably to the revenue potential of this new format.

Standard packages of 20 episodes instead of 13 further enhance the revenue capability. And with full year rates less than 2% of the cost of even a 13 week package of cable or satellite network airtime, its easy to see why some producers are beginning to think in terms of the new format.

For more information contact or call 256-566-7021

DK Outdoor TV